Ferney Nature Lodge

Have you ever imagined living in the midst of a forest, whilst having all the comfort of a magnificent villa? This is what the Ferney Nature Lodge offers. Surrounded by Ferney’s fauna and flora, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the nature lodge with its swimming pool and cosy fireplace.

With its 4 cosy chic double rooms with ensuite bathrooms, private butler and serving locally sourced food, the Ferney Nature Lodge is the perfect cocoon after a good hike in the valley and the best spot to watch pink pigeons and paille en queue in the valley!

Key information

Ferney Nature Lodge can accommodate

  • In its lounge area: 50 guests for private events
  • In its 4 lodges: 8 to 10 guests per night stay (2 of the 4 lodges can also accommodate 1 child under 10 years old)

For more info: 
(+230) 5729 1080 or info@ferney.mu

A foretaste of what awaits you at
the Ferney Nature Lodge!