Committed to preserve Mauritius’ endemic species

Did you know

that the Ferney valley and its endemic fauna and flora could have been wiped out in the early 2000s?

It is thanks to the engagement and committed of a team of nature lovers that a motorway project which was supposed to go through the valley has been stopped. Several plants which had then been considered extinct were re-discovered at that time and the Ferney valley is today home to endemic plants and animals which are preserved and protected by dedicated professionals from La Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust, with the help of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.


About La Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust

La Vallee de Ferney Conservation Trust is a public-private partnership between CIEL -an international Mauritian Group listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and on the SEM Sustainability Index- and the Mauritian Government, in collaboration with The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

The Trust aims at preserving the unique endemic fauna and flora present on site. Since its inception in 2007, a 200-ha conservation zone has been earmarked and more than 35,000 endemic plants have been planted and approximately 200 endemic birds reintroduced including endangered species such as the Pink Pingeon, the Kestrel, the Echo Parakeet, the Flycatcher or the Cuckoo Shrike.