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Welcome to the South-East coast of Mauritius!

Facing the bay of Mahebourg and at the foot of the Lion Mountain, Ferney is a historical and natural treasure of Mauritius, home to one of the last endemic forests of the island. Only 10 minutes away from Plaisance International Airport, Ferney is also close to the historic city of Mahebourg, famous for its local market and artisanat.


Historical footprint

If you had your primary education in Mauritius, the name Ferney should ring a bell and maybe even remind you of fond memories of school visits on the Dutch landing site. Ferney being the site where Dutch landers first settled.

It is also next to Vieux Grand Port and the famous naval battle between squadrons of frigates from the French Navy and the British Royal Navy in 1810.

Our tip:

Must-Visit Historical Places in Ferney:

  • Frederick Hendrick Museum in Vieux Grand Port
  • Military installations for defence purposes, which date back the French colonisation period